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MUUBS – The darker side of Design

Once again, the Danish furniture and design company MUUBS launches a raw and industrial collection for the home. The unique and raw inspiration from the nature is developed into a personal and authentic design.

The inspiration for the collection is found in Wabi Sabi, a Japanese philosophy about finding beauty in nature’s simplicity and imperfection created by skilled hands.

Our design language is based on the natural – both in the materials we choose, and in the unique artisanship behind. The beauty of the handmade and the small human inaccuracies gives our products their character.

We have worked with artisans, woodworkers and craft people who create by hand, using natural materials. Each of the artisans we have met believed in their skills and their products, standing proudly behind the finished item. The selection we have made are all heart products.

Among the news from MUUBS, you will find a new ceramics series in a matte black glaze that resembles leather and our majestic terracotta jars are this time black burned with hand-stitched details.

Apart from the popular wooden plates, wooden bowls and cutting boards in teak wood, you will also find beautiful teak root bowls with burned structure. The collection again consists of a beautiful textile collection with pillows in cashmere, alpaca plaids, leather cushions and the popular tea towel in 100% linen.




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